Qatar Academy Sidra

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Application for Admission


The QA Sidra Admissions Office is closed from the 31st May and re-opens on the 12th August 2018.  


All applications submitted online between 31st May 2018 and 12th August 2018 will be reviewed by the Admissions team between the 12th August - 26th August 2018.

For Qatari credit cards, please enter +974 for postal code.

للبطاقات الإتمانية القطرية الرجاء ادخال 974 في خانة الرمز البريدي

Required documents to be uploaded with the application

1. Applicant's recent passport-sized photograph                                                              

2. Applicant's 3 most recent end of year reports            

3. Applicant's passport copy                                                                                                                    

4. Applicant's birth certificate

5. Copy of Father's or Guardian's passport. (Including visa for non-GCC nationals)

6. Copy of Mother's passport\ID

7. Copy of Immunization card

8. Download and Complete the Medical Form